Men's Hair Pieces

Our Men’s Systems are simply the BEST available on the planet for men's hair loss. The natural hairlines of our lace front units are unmatched as you can see the hair growing right out of the scalp. With these systems you have nothing to hide so you can even brush your hair straight back off your face. Noticeable toupees and hair pieces are a thing of the past with lace wigs.

Whether you are bald, balding, or just have a receding hairline, Images can help. A hair transplant doesn't always work. Hair transplants can be a very expensive form of hair restoration. Also, not everyone is considered a candidate for a hair transplant but our men's hair systems always works and don't require any hair surgery.

Today’s systems have believable density, and the color is matched to perfection. Here at Images Hair Studio, a lace front is not your only option but I can assure you a UNDETECTABLE NATURAL LOOK is a guarantee. We carry the finest 100% EUROPEAN HAIR as well as high quality SYNTHETIC HAIR. 

Afterall…If you care enough about your appearance to wear hair, then why not look your ABSOLUTE BEST!