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Ladies Hair Additions

The only thing that we as women DO NOT want to see thin when we look in a mirror is OUR HAIR! However it is a fact that more and more of today’s women are dealing with hair loss. Self image is so important and a very vital part of our well-being.
Adding a little hair where needed often changes more than just appearance!

If Tech hair is not your choice but the need for more hair is obvious then a fabulous addition is your perfect solution!

Not all systems come on and off everyday, as you may opt for micro-linking or bonding as a more permanent attachment.
Maybe hair integration is right for you. Whatever your choice, you can be sure your appearance as well as your confidence will be enhanced.

Click on any image below for an enlarged view:

The above is a fine example of micro-linking. This piece is put on and then it stays in place for a month. One adjustment to the links is required after two weeks. You can shampoo and style as you would your own hair!


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